Open Daily 8 am - 3 pm - Closed Monday

Simple, Easy, Safe

Eat-In or Eat-out / Bubble Dining / Take-Out / Curbside

We want you to have the Best Experience possible, so we are offering Multiple ways to Enjoy your Visit Click for Explanations


Fresh & Locally Sourced wherever possible. Our Breakfast menu is available

Weekdays 8am-11am

Weekends All Day



Sleep in? Our New Menu offers

Brunch & Lunch Everyday from

Open to Close 8am-3pm

supporting Local Farms

Locally Owned

Locally Sourced

Environmentally Conscious 

Working to be

Green Restaurant Certified

Eco & Reusable Packaging


Safe Ordering Options:

Eat-In  - Order and Enjoy our Newly Renovated Eatery, socially distancing tables, glove & mask service ALWAYS, single use Disinfectant wipes and Foggers

Eat-out -  Warm Weather Extended Outdoor Dining Areas - with Ample Space between tables. 

Bubble Dining - Cold Weather Bubbles/Igloos make dining outside New Excited and Extremely Comfortable - Temperature controlled Click for Bubble Reservations

Take-Out - Order & Pay Online or by Phone and Pick-up your Order inside, or pay when you arrive 

(OR) we will continue to offer:

Curbside- - When placing your order we will ask for your payment over the phone so we can email your receipt or leave you a copy if you prefer. Online orders can pay online. If you prefer cash, we ask for exact change or what you decide to leave, no change will be offered.

1. Call when you arrive for your pick-up

2. Pull into your spot and pop your trunk

3. We will place the order in to your trunk and you are ready to go.

Our New Commitment to You...

We changed our Look and our Image, but Not the High Quality Standard you expect from us.

Culinary Creations Eatery is working hard to be Green Restaurant Certified, Locally Sourced, Supporting Local Farms with the Freshest Ingredients, being environmentally Conscience with Eco & Reusable Packaging and recycling, while working to be Green Restaurant Certified.

Our New Look is Furnished by Local Craftsman using local Woods & Products.  

food pic, pain perdu 2
Eatery, Roast Salmon Tacos
food pic, skillet, carbonara
food pic, table 3, revised
Eatery, Lemon Ricotta French Toast
Eatery, Salmon Gremolata Pasta
Eatery, Salmon Asparagus Omelet
Eatery, French Oefs
Eatery, Cracked Egg Skillet
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Planning a Party?

Let us Exceed your Expectations at Your next Event with Our Award winning Catering

More to Munch on...

Seasonal Dinners

Meet the Chefs - Pop-up Dinners

Seasonal scheduled Dinners offering a Pre-Set Menu including a platter of

Hors d'oeuvres, Chef Demo Course,

Entree & Dessert Option