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I hereby authorize the above listed charge to my credit card. I am authorized by the card holding corporation to make any/all charges. I understand that I am personally liable for any/all charges if disputed by the listed corporation. The information above is binding and used to key in card & replace unavailable cardholder’s signature on receipt.

Credit Card Denial on Second attempt will automatically Cancel any pending/open functions, and client will be billed directly to address supplied above, and held personally liable. We will make one attempt to contact you, in efforts to satisfy the open balance. If we are unable to contact/reach you, Any/All Functions will Automatically be cancelled without Notice, and you will be billed direct to the address supplied. If a collection agency must be used to collect funds, Culinary Creations reserve the right to charge the client for any and all handling/filling fees that are charged by collection agency.

I understand the above statements and approve all/any charges listed above. I understand that all payments must be made within Contact Terms.

I cannot and will not dispute any charges listed above. I understand that I can not for any reason (weather included) cancel my event without penalty.

Penalties: Fifty percent of the total invoice will be charged for any cancellations 6 months prior of event.

Entire event will be charged in Full within 60 days of function. I will assume necessary charges as Culinary Creations’ see fit for any postponements/ date changes up to One Hundred percent.