What Our Clients have to Say...

by Patricia G

When we lost our original caterer 8 weeks before our wedding we were not sure what we were going to do. Most people would have freaked out but I kept a positive mindset and knew that things happen for a reason. Well, that reason lead us to the greatest caterers ever. I came across Culinary Creations through the knot and did a bit more research on them. I googled them, yelped them, and pretty much looked at very site I possible could in order to see the type of caterers they were. Through all their reviews I kept seeing how great they were and decided to go with my gut and reach out to them. I am beyond glad we did because they did more than an excellent job. From the moment we contacted them with our little emergency, of needing a new caterer under a short period of time, they jumped right in with us. They did not hesitate or even give us doubt. They emailed us right away, got on conference calls with us, made us feel comfortable that they could handle our wedding in what could be short notice. Even with their busy Thanksgiving schedule, Culinary Creations, handled our onsite greet and meet, food tasting, and onsite inspection of our venue. Andrew Pantano answered all our questions time and time again. When we came down for a tasting his staff members were delightful and made us feel so comfortable. We were still wondered how great they actually would because how does someone (even group) cook great for a large party. The day of our Andrews team was there the night before seating up making sure they were ready to go the day of our wedding. On our wedding day they were still in full communication with us and making sure all I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Wedding night… they blew out of the park. Our cocktail hour was great – the staff made sure we sat down and ate and kept our drink glasses full. We went with family style servings because we wanted everyone to try every bit of the food and I’m glad we went with that. A lot of our family and friends raved about the food and staff. Excellent all around, clear communication, professionalism, everything you could ask for Culinary Creations delivered. I HIGHLY recommend their service to anyone with either it’s a small brunch at home to your wedding needs!

by Laura S

I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly grateful we are for Culinary Creations and the people who work here. Whatever we needed, they were there to make it happen without fail. Andrew, JoAnn and the team made my husband and I feel so comfortable at our wedding that we could just sit back and relax and not worry about a thing. We had to let go of our planner last minute and they told us do not worry, that they would handle everything, and that they did. The food is outstanding and people are still talking about it. We had questions about drinks and ice and how to find these things, but they take care of all that for you as well with vendors they work hand in hand with. Everything was seamless, flawless and my cup overflows with gratitude. I will always sing their praises!